Who are we?

Satimat, which has been based for more than 40 years in the Glass Basin of the Bresle Valley, where more than 70% of the world’s production of luxury bottles and bottles comes from, is positioned as the national leader in the field of completion. As a quality glass subcontractor, we are listed as a member of the Cosmetic Valley (www.cosmeticvalley.com).

The president, Didier Briffard, has been able to make the crucial choices of development and innovation for his company for forty years. This persistence and constant concern for quality have allowed the company to grow steadily. 

The company now employs 50 people. Our know-how meets the requirements of the various sectors of perfumery, cosmetics and the art of the table.

The entire Satimat team is able to work on all forms (pots, bottles, bottlers, goblets, vases, glass pavers …), contenances (from 5 ml to 3 l) and quantities (single or large series).

50 million parts are processed every year.


Didier Briffard
Customer Support


Adrian Briffard


Isabelle Briffard
Administrative department


Maryse Percheron
Executive assistant


Jerôme accard
Production manager


Delphine Fromentin
Planning manager