We are committed to the environment

  • Closed-circuit water treatment with continuous self-monitoring

  • We are the only SME authorized to polish/decapitate glass in France by prefectural decree

  • Recycling sludge, plastics, cardboard, glasses.

Our commitments

We think about the challenges of tomorrow and the impact of our activities. We are constantly monitoring new growth opportunities that no longer harm the environment and allow us to have healthy and sustainable activity. Greener machines and new ways of working so that our impact on nature is as light as possible.

Quality is our priority

  • Strict controls on all our productions

  • Management by SAP

  • Ongoing training of our staff in new techniques

Our commitments

Since our beginnings, our vocation is to offer you the best possible quality. We regularly invest in ever more efficient control tools and act so that our personnel demonstrate the utmost rigor in terms of quality.


Our services

Storage capacity: 6,000 sqm covered.

We have the insurance to guarantee your goods!

Our commitments


We take care of our infrastructure to guarantee the storage of your goods. The packaging and transport of your products is carried out with the utmost care because our philosophy is also based on respect for your products.