Frosting / Acid Etching

1980 is the date when Satimat was born.

1980 is also the date on which we started the frosting.

In order to protect your content (creams, drink, perfumes, etc.), we have had our frosting process certified. we can therefore certify that our frosting operation protects up to 75% of UV rays (variable depending on the thickness and quality of the glass).

Sublimated by a delicate touch, your bottle gains in subtlety.

In addition, we also had the food accounting for our operation certified. You can therefore count on us in the finishing frames for bottles, flasks, jars, glasses or any other container that may come into contact with your mouth.

The frosting can be classic, “hard”, “polished” or with savings, depending on the desired rendering. Since 2014, we have also offered interior frosting.



Cleaning to be carried out before any type of completion. To clean your glass of all the impurities that it accumulates during its storage.


If the ink wets the surface for at least 2 seconds (the liquid spreads continuously), the surface energy of the solid is greater than the surface tension value of the ink.


If the still wets (the ink shrinks in less than 2 seconds), it is because the surface energy of the solid is lower than the surface tension of the ink.

The stripping operation is essential, French standards (prohibition of phthalates in the manufacture of glass), and the glass environment in general require the lubrication of glass molds in high doses. During the finishing operation, this grease can affect your decorating operations. Stripping therefore consists in degreasing the glass. This operation can also be used in the event of exudation of the glass (stains or veil formed on the glass stored for too long or dedicated to export in wet areas)

An alternative is also called SULPHATAGE. Here your glass has a powerful protective layer against humid tropical environments



Re-burning gives your glass a second life.

Removes all decor or lacquering waste. This process gives a new possibility of completion.

In case of unexpired stock we can offer you a refurbishment of your bottles.

Washing of thermoformed trays

Washing of thermoformed trays

Automatic machine. Specific washing to refurbish the thermoformed trays.

Why this operation? Because we want to live in an ecological and economic world.


Why pay a cardboard € 1 which can be used 1 time when we can pay a Thermoform € 1.20 which can be used 10 times?

It is with this in mind that today we have established numerous partnerships with glassworks which use thermoformed trays. We sort the broken trays and wash the ones that will be reused.