Finishing Supplier

Frosting / Acid Etching

Automatic and semi automatic robot line for the quality. The aspect is silky, UV treated. The frosting can be classic, hard, polished or with a partial reserve. In 2014, we are creating interior frosting.


Acid etching is the best way to have a perfect bottle without any pollution (it’s a closed cercle in the company, so we don’t have any waste)


Glass stripping before any decoration operations

Remove any greases and each default you can find on the glass ( glass is naturally bold at the manufacturing)


New in 2014. It gives crystalline aspect to a standard glass

Having better than others, having a crystalline glass. Make luxury, where someone else don’t see you can…


It burns all wastes of each decoration of glass. Then , this process enables new decoration possibilities.

Don’t loose your glass, we send it back to you as a new glass.

Pay for that performance, it will be cheaper than pay for a new bottle !


For printing of organic inks, enamels, glitter, gold, platinium, pearl, on all materials (glass, plastic, metal or wood)

Write everything we want and need on you packaging ! each colors, each letter is an art you can have on!

Pad printing

This machine can print 4 colors in a run. Decorations can be on embossed or engraved bottle

Wherever you want on your packaging, we will print your logo! everywhere!, on the top, on the bottom, on a shoulder…

Hot Stamping

New in 2014 ! A mirror aspect on lacquering or frosting. A large range colors and finishings.

Most of luxury finishing! why, because that’s a difficult thing to do. Ask us to have that effect we will make it shinny.


Lacquer coating, a way to color glass : opaque, translucent, bi-colored, gradient colors, silky

From 1 to 3 colors, we can coat everything you want.


Sand ejections on plain glass. It gives white silk aspect, rough or soft

Washing of thermoformed trays

Automatic machine. Special washing to clean all marks on trays